Zack Tschirhart         Circa 1998

Custom Pool tables


Burroughes & Watts has an illustrious history in the billiard industry. Manufacturing tables in England  from 1836.

A great read on Burroughes & Watts’ history can be found here;



Little is known of Burroughes & Watts Canada but we do know that E.H. Acland was the Canadian and West Indies distributor for Burroughes & Watts in 1936. This Canadian company existed until 1952 for sure.

Today Burroughes & Watts Canada is a subsidiary of Tschirhart’s Custom Billiards Inc..

At this site I will publish information about the history of Burroughes & Watts Canada and Burroughes & Watts  tables.

This will be a slow project but please check back from time to time.

Here at Burroughes & Watts Canada it is our goal to keep these great tables alive and well. With over 30 years of experience John Tschirhart of Tschirhart’s Custom Billiards Inc. has the talents, determination and reputation to keep these  great tables in the shape the deserve.

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As well we have several Burroughes & Watts tables in stock for sale. We will post them here soon. For now please see our Snooker Table page or contact us for more details



If you have a Burroughes & Watts table and would like to send us images to post or to sell your table please email John.


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